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New Moon Dive - What in the world is going on?

(p.s. I went looking for the pictures AFTER the reading - as always, if the reading has pictures in it - and I found the ones below immediately, perfectly as I’d seen them! Freaky ;) )

1. What am I supposed to be doing?

'quiet your mind'

image of a daisy flDaisyower in bloom by itself, out of focus green behind it. Looks like a sun, and the white petals are wide open, almost flat in line with the yellow center.

allow what is to come to come

all is right with the world, you needn’t worry

2. So I’m not supposed to be doing anything in particular?

What is yours to do will become apparent in due time, in perfect time.

You need not feel guilty or like you’ve done something wrong, this is no where near the case.

Just be you.

Quieting your mind will make the transition more comfortable, that is all…

unfolding comes naturally

3. I’m so scared…

We know… that is your mind, wandering into the future, and the discomfort of which we speak.

You will be going through this, you needn’t worry about missing the boat…it’s just how comfortable an experience you make it for yourself that is at issue here.

4. Oh…so what I do is for me?

Right. Exactly. It’s all the same to us.

5. Quieting my mind isn’t the thing I must do?

Not at all, you put that on yourself. However, it is the thing you CAN do to ease the transition.

6. I’ve been so worried…

That’s all you. Entirely. Surface stuff…what runs deep is deeper than can be touched by present levels of conscious awareness. A flower blooms - this is what it does. And you as you are will do the same, in your own way, from inside out.

The flower can spend a great deal of time worrying about it - will it be a flower? What kind? Will it fit in? Will it be a good whatever it is?

Seen from that perspective you can see how silly those thoughts are… they are inconsequential and have no impact on the eventual blooming whatsoever. They are certainly uncomfortable for the bud, however…

This is what you are experiencing. These are your choices. This is your choice. Quieting your mind will ease the transition, that is all.

7. Is there anything else?
Gold Key
Image of an old golden key, a Master key to a house.

Remember…you are NOT a flower.

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